Sunday, November 17, 2013

Feelings // Top 5 Arias

“Opera is to singing as neuro-surgery is to medicine." Read the article here.

I’ve said I wanted to share the ups… and the downs on my blog.
Lately I’ve felt very down with my singing and with my life in general. I’ve dedicated myself to this art form for about 6 years now trying to learn and get a hang of singing and I’ve come to the conclusion that is so difficult! It's frustrating! 
I sometimes feel I’ll never make it anywhere which makes me feel like I’ve sacrificed too much of my life.
You know, living! I don’t really know what that even is! But, apparently, it’s not sitting in front of the piano. Or in front of the tv for that matter…
It’s a faze.
It’s part of life to be down, so I’m told. It sucks big time, but I’ll get through it.
I’ll just have to "add" some life through all the hard times to give myself some relief. Then one day I will look back at this and maybe feel proud that I got through it.

 A friend (and apparently a reader!) says she wants me to post my top 5 list of arias. So here it is!

 1. Summertime - Gershwin (Sung by Leontyne Price of course!) But you’ve got to listen to Janis Joplin sing it too!

 2. The Composer’s aria “Sein dir wieder gut” - Richard Strauss (Sung by Tatiana Troyanos)

3. Un bel di, vedremo from Madama Butterfly - G. Puccini (Also sung by Leontyne Price!)

Watch it here !

  4. My man’s gone now - Gershwin (PRICE AGIAN, ALWAYS!) But Never without Nina Simone!!!!!!! And while your at it listen to Nina sing I loves you Porgy, in the opera it’s a duett, but Nina sings it solo and doesn’t need a man!

5. “E Strano! Ah forse lui!… Follie! Delirio vano e quest” La Traviata - Verdi (Sung by Anna Netrebko actually! She was one of the first singers I liked and I haven’t been able to adjust to another voice singing it so she’s my favorite!)

FYI: I was close to tears while listning to each of these clips...

xxErika Grace

Photo: Erika Grace

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