Monday, May 19, 2014

Train in Vain

This weekend I went home to Bergen to celebrate the 17th of May with my family. At first it felt too close to our premiere, but now it feels like the smartest thing I could do. I feel more relaxed and ready to give everything I've got. My voice feels much more stable and suddenly everything is easier to sing. A little break did me well.

There's still parts of the music that need some fine tuning and thankfully we'll have a full day of that tomorrow! 

I finally have some pictures to share of my costumes:

I am NOT looking forward to returning that white slip and robe. I love them! The gown is ordered from JJ's House and I am incredibly impressed by the quality. They sewed in just a week and the shipping took 3-4 days, but was delivered to me today by UPS as I was out of town. I chose one of the standard sizes as that takes a little less time for them to sew and the measurements were the same as mine. I have a size 8 = Bust 35,50"(about an inch too big for me, there's a built in bra massive padding which gives the bust a beautiful structure) Waist 28,50", Hips 38,50"(not important as it's loose around the hips anyway). Length 59" They always add an extra 2" to the length for heels and it fits me perfectly in 10 cm heels. 

xx Erika Grace
Photo: Erika Grace

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