Monday, June 16, 2014


The end is officially here. 
I have completed Stockholm Operastudio. 
The end of an era.

I think going to Stockholm Operastudio has made me much more professional.
I think differently when I'm learning music, I think about my character, the emotions that are in the text and music and the setting. 
I feel like I've become a real artist. It's almost as if I can be anyone I want to be now if I just think as if in a character. Even now when I've been running around Stockholm trying to find a summer job, going into stores and leaving a resume. It is quite nerve recking but I just decide before I enter a store to be a confident person and then I'm fine, I suddenly feel confident and when I leave I become my shy self again. I guess in many ways I'm not shy, I think I'm more shy in more private and intimate situations than I am around a bunch of people. 

Or actually I'm just shy around really hot men. You know that feeling when you can't say anything profound and laugh nervously around a guy? I hate myself every time. Then when some average-joe comes along you're calm, cool and collected and suddenly you've lead that average-joe on somehow and you think "I was being friendly, not flirting!" So tragic! HAHA!

So this summer I thought I'd share a little more personal pictures from my life and what I'm doing. You can also follow me on instagram: @operaglove and twitter: @operaglove . 

But first here is part 1 of a recap of my 4 years at Stockholm Operastudio.
Klassisk Sång åk 1

Klassisk sång åk 2
What a joy it was creating this crazy opera collage and I had so much fun playing a horny teenage boy! 

Opera Grund

xx Erika Grace

Photo: My Mother

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