Friday, September 12, 2014

Songs of the week!

I've been toying with the idea of creating my own little music list for every week to release on Fridays. Just for fun! 

Music is my greatest passion, and to ask me what my favorite song is or artist or more to the point, which opera is my favorite is the same as asking a mother which one of her children she favors the most. 
The list will contain ALL genres. Classical, Opera, Hip hop, rock, punk... whatever I want to include that I've been listening to a lot during the week.

I occasionally have these weird moments where I try to create a list of my all time favorite artists, I even have a music journal. (You can buy them and they are made specifically for documenting music, concerts, artist, lists, play lists everything you can imagine documenting about music!) It always ends up being a clutter and there's no way I could ever publish it. 

I like a lot of music, but I don't like everything that exists. Sometimes if I end up mentioning 20 or maybe 50 artist I really like people just label it as "everything". I do not like everything. Although I have a lot of music yet to discover, there is still a lot of shit out there that I want nothing to do with. 

I would just like to mention that these songs aren't necessarily on a play list that I copy-pasted. I have a good memory, especially for music and it helps me remember specific days if I remember the music I listened to on a particular day. So I just picked the ones that I really love, that I've listened to this week and that popped into my head. Sometimes I just get this feeling "I really need to listen to that song today!" I wake up with music in my head. 
I listen to music even when I don't have music on...

So without any further a dew, here is my top ten songs of the week in no particular order:

1. Criminal World - David Bowie 

2. All about that bass - Meghan Trainor

3. Come and get your love - Redbone

4. It don't mean a thing if you ain't got that swing - Duke Ellington

5. Soft and Wet - Prince

6. Cry me a river - Ella Fitzgerald

7. Stardust - Frank Sinatra
8. How come you don't call me - Prince
9. Rocket - Beyonce

10. Cat People (Putting out the fire) - David Bowie

BONUS! Because I listened to these today and they are so good:
11. I know you know - Esperanza Spalding

  12. Black Gold - Esperanza Spalding

Have a groovy weekend!
xx Erika Grace

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