Saturday, October 26, 2013


Last night I went to see Jay-Z perform here in Stockholm. I was lucky to have bought my tickets early, so I had a Golden Circle ticket and stood all the way at the front of the stage.

I’ve been a fan of Jay-Z’s music for many years. I love listening to his lyrics and dancing to the rhythms of his songs. I feel he always has a story to tell. It’s like poetry, but with cuss words.
Last night I saw a true artist. I am mind blown by his talent and the humility he expresses in his music and as a human being. I feel so inspired by this man to work harder and believe in myself and my dreams.
He performed for almost 3 hours (like an opera!) and I can say it was truly the shortest 3 hours I've ever experienced. 

(from one of my favorite song by Jay-Z “99 Problems”. I love this verse, it’s so smart!)

I am currently reading his book “Decoded” which is about rap music and its/his history.

xx Erika Grace

All pictures taken by myself with my iPhone during the concert.

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