Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mario Diaz

Last week we had two whole days of Master Classes with Mario Diaz. 
What a talented man!
He has an impeccable ear for voices, he was spot on on everything and everyone. I found him kind, funny and he doesn’t take himself too seriously and yet he’s VERY serious.

Mario pointed out mostly things about my voice that I was already aware of. My vibrato, a bit breathy middle register and my voice “fach” since people often can confuse me for being a mezzo soprano, but he agreed with what my teacher says and what I feel that I am, a soprano. He said very kind things about my voice, which is a great motivation.

I feel I can’t speak for all of my classmates when it comes to how he worked with each and everyone. He really knows how to adjust and individualize his teaching and I feel more inspired to keep working and learning to better my technique.

xx Erika Grace
Photo: Emelie Joenniemi

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