Wednesday, February 5, 2014


Today I went for a little practicing at school as we have rehearsal auditions tomorrow. We are going to practice in front of an unknown panel that will later advise us on how we carry ourselves during an audition. For the first round we will sing two songs each: I’m singing Susanna’s Aria by W.A. Mozart and All that gold! by G.C. Menotti. 
Next week we will watch a video recording of how we performed and get some feed back as well as the panel will have picked another song for us to prepare from our lists of 9 arias and one art song. Then on the final audition we will sing the chosen song and then they will randomly pick one song from our list on the spot. 

So naturally today I felt it was smart to go practice a bit. My practicing stared okay, but i could feel something was a bit off. It’s a natural reaction to all the things I’m being taught. One of the things i’m working on is that I need to relax my face and place my energy in my body and so, stupid as the mind and body is, I begin to relax my body instead or as well. But i’m very aware of this, so I kept trucking on. 

What really was the problem is that my voice was a little “above” itself, as If I was not singing with my entire voice. So i decided to speak the lyrics first in a proper speaking/theater voice (rich and full) then in a more poetic shouting voice and then sing and taaaah daaaaah, I found my voice. It was a little late, and my chords were a bit tired from all the wrong singing I had done, but it stopped feeling so strenuous. I feel great that I could adjust that all by myself, just a couple weeks ago I would have probably cried and gone home.

                                      Grab your boobs and HOLLAH!

xx Erika Grace

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